„Hungarians have always been famous for their talent in drawing and animation.”

— Johannes Kastner, founder and creative diretor of Kastner agency

About us

Kastner Kartoon – part of the global Kastner agency group – is an animation studio, where we still create with analogue techniques. Our work is well known around the world, thanks to our main client partner with whom we have been successfully working together for the past 30 years.


How we work

Our studio is located in Pécs, in South-West Hungary. The story began back in the late 80s, when the Pécs studio of the famous Pannonia studios was led by Tibor Hernádi. Some of our colleagues still started under his expert guidance and carry on his legacy.

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What we do

Check out our iconic works that are on air in more than 140 countries in the world.

About Kastner

Kastner Kartoon is a business of the Kastner advertising agency. Kastner is an independent international network with 8 offices: we operate in Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Milan, Los Angeles, Oberhofen, Brunnen in Switzerland and Budapest. The agency runs own businesses worldwide, from a chocolate brand to a creative community space in Budapest to a vintage car showroom. In this way, we not only say that we understand clients, but we also feel the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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